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ethan's recitalLast night I went to my son’s first dance recital and it was awesome!  Well at least his part was awesome; the rest of it was pretty boring and even though it was my first recital I’m fairly certain it won’t develop into a new past-time.  My wife sometimes requires me to watch some of those movies where people sing and dance a lot, like Pitch Perfect, and I can appreciate the talent and hard work necessary to perform those crazy numbers.  It just has never been my thing. I mean, Batman is a cool movie and I like watching basketball.

The program started at 7:00 p.m. and was called Ebenezer because it was based on A Christmas Carol.  A man who looked to be in his late thirties came out in costume and began the narration.  Turns out he was Ebenezer; he sat at a counting desk to tell the story of his life—familiar stuff.  He finished the introduction and the curtain was raised.  The show opened with a hip-hop song about money and it was loud.  I thought to myself, “Ok, so this is how they work in all the different dance styles.  Ebenezer is greedy so a hip-hop song about money loosely fits. Got it.”

After a minute or two, the track changed to some generic hip-hop beat and out came my son.  Oh man he was good.  He was following along with all the other dancers, doing all the moves and with style.  If I knew anything about dance I would describe the moves– sorry.  He did a great job though and looked like he was having a blast.  His part lasted a couple minutes and that was it for his stage time.  It was ten minutes after seven and there were thirteen more acts to go.

The show lasted another hour and a half.  The dance numbers were fine but I think they were kind of stretching to tie the music to the story.  The part where Jacob Marley comes in was accompanied with Chain of Fools.  This is also the part of the show where I learned the narrator, who remember was in his later thirties, possibly early forties, was also going to be dancing.  This turned out to be a bit awkward.  I assumed he was one of the instructors, but I soon realized this was not the case because he couldn’t dance very well.  The really awkward part was that he was dancing with young teenage girls who were all waving their fingers at him because he was the fool in Aretha’s chain.  It was my first recital though, maybe that is normal.

About an hour into the show some dancers came out and looked like they were doing some kind of Riverdance.  It was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed the music a little more.  Unfortunately the people in front of me had a wiggly toddler who they kept standing on their lap, so for about the next half hour I could only see the sides of the stage.  I also think the person in charge of the volume was a beginner because my left ear started to buzz which required me to plug it.  Overall, I think the climax of this wonderful family Christmas show came at the point in the story when the ghost of Christmas yet-to-come was about to enter.  The obvious choice for a song here was Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones.  I heard the people behind me say, “Is this..?”, “Yup.”

So at 8:45 the show finally wrapped up.  Really, it wasn’t so bad.  Watching the little three year olds was my favorite part, besides watching my son of course.  When he finally came out I gave him a big hug and told him he did a great a job.  I asked him if he had fun and if he was nervous.  He was only one of three boys out of the whole dance company, but I didn’t care.  I wanted him to know that I was proud of him and enjoyed watching him do something he enjoyed.  Part of me wishes he would rather play baseball or basketball, not because it is more masculine, but because it would be something I could help him with—I don’t know anything about dance.  I suppose I could start by watching more of those movies that my wife is always asking me to watch.  Maybe.